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The ridiculous comedy of India and Afghanistan involvement in Balochistan

Rehman Malik Nominated in Benazir Murder Case


Written By

Hafeez Hassan Abadi


Judicious man learns from his past mistakes and rectifies them, and a foolish man repeats them continuously. There is a famous saying among investigators around the world.  "However shrewd a criminal may be, he, in the long run leaves a sign behind which eventually leads to his conviction. Pakistanis have never been matchless in their scheming in the past, but their scheming particularly regarding Baloch and Balochistan have always proven failure. Leave alone a comprehensive or viable scheme; they even don't know how to make plausible a lie.

Yes it is true that to bring about a particular condition the government machineries and covert forces, around the world, scheme fabrication of deception, but it is done in a way that people believe them. They seem to close to

reality that one can not reject them.  

 But here in Pakistan, to defame Hindustan and Afghanistan along with Brahamdug Bugti, a private TV anchor person interviews a person who ostensibly confess a guilt of suicidal crime, in which he says he has been asked by Brahamdag Bugti himself 'in person' And that he has witnessed how Hindustan supporting Baloch nation and how .impatient Hamid Karzai has become to destabilize Pakistan


 I have seen several dramas in my entire life but not such a drama, which's every bit :defies the logic. And it raises several questions  


1.      If the house has been demolished by a bomb, and according to so called suicide bomber, Gazzo, the bomb exploded outside of the wall, then the question rises how the bomb went outside? Was the explosive jacket kept outside of the veranda? But from the debris it seems that there was no sign of veranda at all, and it is an open ground!

2.      If the bomb exploded outside then the walls should have collapsed inside the boundary. But it is fallen outside.

3.      If the bomb was so powerful that all the three rooms collapsed simultaneously, then where is the crater on the ground?

4.      If the ceiling gave in or collapsed because of impact, then where it was? If one could watch this film meticulously, one can judge from the debris nothing could be seen from within the walls, except some pieces of fallen walls. No material of ceiling is seen in the debris, but the suicide bomber says he was stuck by an iron bar; he could not make his flee. There would not be one iron bar of entire ceiling, but nothing of any iron bar can be seen in the debris.



5.      The so called suicide bomber says no sooner did I lay on bed then the bomb went off. But from debris it's evident that it’s at least a 4 or 5 years old debris!! There is no sign of life around these wreckages, neither any appliances of kitchenware, nor any bed or any carpets and tables can be seen.  Otherwise how an experienced anchorman could be ignorant of such thing? Particularly among the scattered things, noticeably the bed on which suicide bomber guy had laid? 

6.      The suicide bomber says he was laying on the bed when the second suicide bomber came in and started talking when the bomb went off, he says when he had regained conscious he saw sky through a tiny hole from the debris," now it means that the hard break and the wall had fallen on his body and face, but we failed to see any bruise on this guy who was claiming to be the suicide bomber and said that it was impossible for him to pull himself out of the remains!


7.      In the same breath he says when I opened MY eyes I saw sky through debris and called for help, but there was no body to come rescue me, but later on Baloch people came and pulled me out of this trap. On the anchorman question that other bomber suffered injury? He snapped at him and said no he received minor bruises. But just two minutes ago he had said that there was no one to help him, when opened his eyes. Now on the answer of the second question, from where the second suicide bomber appeared? and how he saw the bruises on his forehead, pointing towards the minor bruises by brushing his hand on his forehead?


8.      There must be an owner of the house where this saga of suicide bombing took place?  The person who brings the suicide bomber from Kashmore would also get into the trap of investigation but there is no sign of the house owner in the scene who gave shelter to the culprits. If there was no owner of the house then how and when it has become deserted? It is a Balochi home there must be a soul in the neighborhood that have seen these strange people! How is it possible in a village where three strangers come and lodge in abandon house, one of the suicide bombers  goes into  a room and lay there and the second bomber roams here and there and chat with his friend and the third goes out to bring  a  mechanic to fix their car,  parked outside of the house, there must be one soul around the neighborhood who noticed the strangers presence and their strange movements, because while filming the rubbles, the camera for 5 second also catches some glimpses of some houses in the neighborhood from a distance no more then 50 meters.


9.      Both the anchor man and the young guy  Gazzo say that when the house collapsedan iron bar pierced his foot, they showed the  injury but it seemed an  outer wound which could easily be done to any part of body by a make up expert, but there was no sign of  an inner wound!!


10.   No body knows the name of the village where? And what was the date when the incident occurred.

11.  Jewan Bugti, (the alleged accomplice of suicide bomber) in the mid of the night, on May 15th 2009 had been abducted by security agencies with the help of Aali Bugti men. According to family members of Jewan Bugti, during his arrest, all members of the family had been beaten up by securities forces, now the question arises here, the so called suicide bomber Gazzo had been packed up on May 4th 2009 by security forces, while his on account of the drama speaks otherwise, he says he reached Kabul via Qandahar. Then while all this time where was Jewan Bugti from May 15 until then?  During all this while under who's arrest he was? According to his family members he had been packed by Mir Aali Bugti men with the security agencies. Then how he made his escape from securities arrest? On the other hand, his wretched family says he is still missing, if a man is not arrested, and then he must be with his beloved family, particularly a responsible school teacher who is the sole bread earner of his family!!

12.  The alleged suicide bomber says he never met Ahmed Karzai, but he talks in such a way as if he had been with him, saying he was supporting Baloch and giving money to them!

13.  Gazzo raises three fingers to answer a question and says he had met Barhamdag Bugti five times. Even if the young man is illiterate, but he still can differentiate between 3 and 5.

14.   When interviewed by the TV man, the young man says there are more then two hundreds and half men with Barahamdag Bugti in Qabul. Now first of all who told him these figures, then why should we believe his information? The second, Brahamdag Bugti fighting a war with an organized army, and he has become a big challenge to it. Do you think he is so brainless that he let know every thing to a young guy? He receives money in front of this guy and distributes them among his men? Or his close friends so stupid that they disclose all their information, facts and figures to a new young guy?


15.  Had there been any suicidal bombardment in Dera Bugti Balochistan, then why it did not make any news in the local media? If the same agency men could bring a man from Lahore for recording the incident, why they could not get any news agency or TV channel or a news paper to report the incident in entire Balochistan? After the interview no matter whatever the private channel or news papers could do they wish to!! But what was the harm in making the report public?


16.  Right at the centre of the collapsed wall there is a new grown tree, despite the collapse of the hard wall; the tree is still alive and standing still!  As the picture is not clear and it is just a glimpse, but still by observing meticulously, one could see the grown tree in a pit of the wall.  If its so then it is a proven     fact the debris of this ruin walls are five years old or so! Just by watching the program, one could judge by mistakes made in the program, that it is a work of an obtuse director, of which every scene bear the witness that it's a fabricated program. To corroborate our assertions, one needs to listen to impartial observers and the members of the innocent accused ones, who have been interviewed by Radio Gwank of Balochistan Sikander Aaskani.


According to Khair Mohmad, father of alleged suicide bomber Gazzo, before the abduction of his son, he had been approached by government salaried Sardaar Aali Bugti under the protection of agencies, for participation as the head of his clan to celebrate the ceremony of Dastaar Bandi and for war encampment against Brahamdag Bugti. But he refused to do so. Once again on May 4th the Aali pack came with security forces to Khair's house, but he was not there, they abducted his son Gazzo. To rescue his son he went to Aali Bugti taking a Balochi Madh, (a traditional envoy which is consistent of women, respected for defusing and solving feuds among people and clans in Baloch social organization).  But Aali refused to respect the Balochi Madh, and disgraced the women and turned them back. Khair Bugti says regrettably Aali have joined the ranks of his Grand Dad enemy and engaged in such nonsense dramas.  He is committing atrocities against his own brothers, he has abducted one of his sons but if I had hundreds sons, I would scarify all of them for the freedom struggle of our homeland, for which, figures like reverend Nawab Bugti and Balach Marri had  sacrificed their lives. It would be an honor for me and for my son to scarify our lives if we had to. So for as my son's confession of guilt is concerned, I would conditionally put it like this: give me a Pakistani military man for four days, be it an army General, or a colonel, you would see, his testimony goes against Pakistan. The forced confession, is a false, has been extracted out of my son under duress at gun point. He appealed Baloch nation to unite behind Barhamdag Bugti to foil the ridiculous dramas of our enemy. The accounts of Pahlwan Bugti, the brother of Jewan, the alleged accomplice are horrifying, according to him, his crime is that he showed respect for Brahamdag Bugti. Our home was surrounded by military forces when Azli Bugti men broke into it  and took Jewan with them, other members of the family tried not to let Jewan be taken away,  but got beaten up by forces. Pahlwan told radio Gwank that "I do not know any thing about Gazzo, but I know that he has been forced to take part in the fabricated drama of suicide bomber to defame Brahamdag Bugti. Here every Body knows that people like Gazzo and Jewan are routinely being abducted by military and Aali Bugti men, but nobody listen to us. Police, military and agencies are supporting them.


He revealed that there is no such a place in entire Dera Bugti where this ridiculous drama was filmed by Express News TV  Lucman. He asked the media to visit the area themselves if there exist such a place in Dera Bugti!! He said the old ruins could be a place somewhere in Sindh or Swat in Frontier.


Bahram  Bugti, a local teacher and a  friend of The alleged accomplice of Gazzo, Jewan, has also a horrifying account of the drama why it was  filmed, in his interview to Radio Gwank Sikander Askani, he said  whatever have been done to  Jewan and   khair mohmod bugti's son Gazo, by the hand of agencies, have surpassed every limit of inhuman  treatment.  According to him Jewan and Gazzo have without any reason been incriminated at the behest of Aali Bugti.

Bahraam Bugti told Radio Gwank of Balochistan that he knows only the fact that Gazzo had been abducted by Aali Bugti, with the help of  Pakistani  government agencies, I went to meet  Khair Mohamad on the sad new of his son abduction, and offered my sympathy with family. He said that all this filthy game is being conducted just to defame Barahamdag Bugti to appease SARKAR.


 About the alleged confession extracted by agencies, a senior Baloch journalist Shehzada Zufikar told Radio Gwank  that this interview is full of mistakes, raising several questions which need to be looked upon from every angle.


 First, Express News channel have eight correspondents in Balochistan along with its bureau chief, But instead, the agencies have summoned a team from Lahore to direct this drama and the exclusive interview of Gazzo. Why this alleged suicide bombardment accident has been kept secret to media at first instance? Why they have ignored the entire Balochistan Media? Zulfikar told Radio Gwank that several journalists in Balochistan have been kicked out of their job just because they refused to make fake news and report them as per the wishes of the government.


Second, that there are many instances of suicidal bombing accidents in Swat, Lahore and Islamabad, first they have been reported in media and then interviews were conducted, but here In Balochistan things are different, fake interviews are a ready made to be aired, before any suicidal accident occurred.


Third, the anchor man conducting the interview was more interested in getting a fake confession out of him, rather then finding a fact. All emphasizes in his questions and goading were in the intention of how to tarnish Brahamdag Bugti luminous name, how to show that Hindustan is involved in Balochistan unrest, and how to show that Afghanistan is committing the crime of supporting the Baloch.


 Now it is explicit that the main purpose of staging this drama was to extract a particular confession out of interviewee.


 Fourth, this common suicide bomber man Gazzo went to Afghanistan and directly met Brahamdag Bugti. In his talk he seemed he was involved in every talk about relationship between Hamed Karzai and Brahamdag Bugti. India's high officials came and met Brahamdag bugti where this young also present. In front of him a brief case full of money is handed over to Brahamdag Bugti by Indian representative. Right at the spot he, Brahamdag Bugti, distributes all the money among his commanders. Such are the scenes of this

 drama which have nothing to do with reality.

The senior journalist said for the past three months Pakistani government is talking about the Indian involvement in Balochistan, now it need to bring forwards some evidences to prove that, for that reason  they have staged this drama, full of  mistakes. In fact Pakistan is in the search of a way how to defame Brahamadag Bugti and to degrade him from the status of hero of freedom struggle to a terrorist so that it show the world that he was not a leader of freedom struggle but a Taliban like terrorist.


 But I'm confirmed that this drama is utterly a flapped one, and people in Balochistan, from a common man to a educated man and intellectuals, have all rejected this interview and regarded the these evidences as a fake ones.


Before going to end this subject, let us remember Jewan Bugt's single sentence, which is all powerful to render this governmental drama a fake. On the anchorperson question, how you become a part of this story?, he said he had been asked by Wadera Khuda Buksh to take that boy to Kashmore, at this point, the anchorperson snapped at Jewan and asks him way you had abducted him by the order of Wadera?, then Jewan answers " had I not headed to Wadera, he would have handed me to ISI and MI.. Many other people have also gone through this heinous crime by the hand of this man with the help of ISI and IM". Here the anchorman became infuriated at Jewan and averted to talks to control the damage done by Jewan's real remarks. Heavier then any explanation, Jewan's single sentence contains the answers of all questions, "if I had not listen to Wadera, he would have handed me over to ISI and IM".


 Now the question is that why those people who have been abducted by ISI and IM, should be concern about Brahamdag Bugti? If they wanted to do something, they could have done it for salaried Nawab Aali Bugti of the Islamabad, who is supporting Islamabad in Balochistan.


from the interviews of Radio Gwank of Balolchistan by Samander Askani, what we figured out from Jewan Bugti, Khair Mohamad(Gazzo's father),Pehlwan(Gazzo's brfther),Bahram Bugti(Jewan's friend), journalist Shehzada Zulfikar, it is firmly established that it was a shameful attempt on the part of Pakistani state not only to malign Barahamdag Bugti fame, but also to show to the world that India and Afghanistan are involved in  Balochistan affairs.


Conclusion: it is beyond of our understanding what kind of people are  those who make schemes in Islamabad, once a man makes a mistake, then when he realizes that he was  mistaken, he tries  to rectify himself ,yet since 1973 the same mistakes are repeated here with negative results and foolish adamancy prevailing.


In order to defame late Nawab Akber  Bugti, the same fake Jirgas and foolish dramas were staged, people were brought in front  of TV channels  who elaborated fake story of  oppression, Jirgas of salaried government dignitaries were held who stripped Shaheed Bugti of NawabiShip. But what resulted out of this? People regarded these people with the words of traitors, and those who staged sarkari Jirga were called marionettes. On the contrary Nawab Akber Bugti magnificently earned the glorious fame.

 Similarly Nawab Khair Baksh Marri was opposed with same antics, conferences were held, private jails were staged and commanders were showed surrendering their weapons, but end result? Public started abhorring these people who collaborated with government.


The famous Baloch intellectual Mir Sourat Khan Marri had once deplored the tragedy of Mir Hazar khan Bejarani's second grade character in the government staged dramas, in his words, "given the 1976 experiences, on the other side, in Therdi, Mir Hazar Rahmkani's ancestral Marri area, where shameless Marri surrendering ceremony drama was staged, he should not have participated in it, Where all faces were familiar. He, Mir Hazar, had earned a name by the virtue of Mir Sher Mohamd Marri, has degraded himself to a secondary position voluntarily, a step lower from current DCO. From initial reports where Ali Hassan loharani and Gazi khan were known, if last year files reports of Bajarani Council delegation, crops commander and governor statements are checked, his name would appear in the gazetteer, and it would be a part of it."


In short, Islamabad and Tehran have failed to understand the Baloch national question, or may be they are purposely ignoring it. Today, like in the past, the same dishonest apathy, triviality, and wastage of time is maintained. Had they not resorted to such meaningless and useless actions and, used their energy positively, there might have emerged a viable solution for both sides with fewer damages. Now they should bear in their minds that people cannot be impressed with such ridiculous dramas. Yes if amusement is what they care for, then nothing is comparable to self-deception albeit.

News Source  Dailytawar

Translated by Archen Baloch,