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Sharm el Shaikh meeting; echo sound of a file full of allegations but lacks evidence..!
By Hafeez H.A.
Source: Daily Tawar.
Adversity never appears alone; any step taken in presence of this 'virus' may cause only harm. Pakistan's current situation about Baloch issue is exactly the same as the above example. It apologizes, people ask them the guarantee of not repeating those redundancy. Lacking answer to these questions they start to lush and talk about hitting the Baloch, people ask them severely; till when this hitting be continued? Beginning of this can be digested which was started by hypocrisies of rulers but what will be the end if this 'Hit' continue till last remaining Baloch speaking of freedom and what if this really happens and the census of freedom seekers turn out to be in a huge number rejecting the numbers shown in government claim, so till when this chain of killings continue? Talks with who? Lacking answers to such sensitive questions they therefore tell stories of nowhere and waste time. Outcome of this in today's current situation is in front of all. Regardless of being a nuclear power, Pakistan is in Top 10 list of fail states in the world accompanied by Somalia, Zimbabwe, Sudan, Chad, Republic of Congo, Iraq, and Afghanistan. Pakistan is among these with the most glory, Now what could a country of this value make the world fulfill any of its commitments? Conjecturing this fact is not difficult because all the matters in this world are solved by bilateral interests and the fact of showing seriousness in past incidents of serious matters, but Pakistan's adversity, Pakistan is not authentic in any matter all over the world. Regardless being a nuclear power it is dependant for wheat, its non satisfactory past, present and future are the reason of bringing up unsafe political and economical crisis in the entire world making it the cause of its gitter.

The pressure of this external gitter has brought very trouble for the rulers and above this its internal anarchy are additional, making the rulers nearly paralyzed. This is the reason they are repeatedly making mistakes. Whereas pro-liberation Balochs are seemed to be very hopeful and satisfied in every way.

In similar state of worries and anxiousness, Pakistan's PM Yusuf Raza Gilani handed over the file of complaints against Baloch to Indian PM Manmohan Singh. Many of Pakistani journalists and pro-government intellectuals quoted this as a great success for their country but reality is way opposite of this, as they say 'God is with them who have no one' similarly the tricks of lively are turning against it and are getting in favor of Baloch.

1. Mentioning the topic of Baloch national struggle in Sharm el Shaikh, Yusuf Raza Gilani has accepted the existence of BLA, BRA, BLF and other Baloch resistance movements. Whereas Gilani himself along with other government officials has kept on saying that there is no freedom struggle in Balochistan nor any Baloch resistance movement ever existed. Following Islamabad, Governor of Balochistan recently issued a similar statement.

2. Second point which is a plus point for Baloch national struggle is that the world has got the opportunity to take interest and regular debate about Baloch case. The matter which was just on whisper stage so far, now has become so important that it has become Pakistan's problem number one.

3. Third benefit, people abroad who were confused about Baloch case, now that this case has gained solid gravity that it can become the reason of any change in this region effecting Pakistan's geography. Now Pakistan's confession has forced those people to revise their thoughts and doubts about Baloch and now their doubts will turn into beliefs that Baloch is ready as a nation which can play a great role in any change in this region.

4. Fourth benefit, internally in Balochistan people who had doubt on this movement (pro-parliament Baloch political parties are also included) and in other parts of Pakistan the period of surface interests opinion about Balochistan which was increasing or the period of calling this issue as a surface issue and the issue of Tribal heads has ended. Now this debate will reveal government propagandas and the real emerging face of Baloch national struggle will appear.

5. Fifth benefit, answering the references and allegations of Pakistan about this issue, super powers and international organizations will quest and research more and more about this issue and will hear Baloch nation's own point of view. In such situation when arguments or proofs from both sides come forward then it's all benefit of Baloch.

Pakistani rulers handing over Balochistan's complaint based file to India has started the beginning of this. Outwardly, the file given to Manmohan Singh is based on the allegations which were repeatedly heard from government officials stating foreign interference in Balochistan. In this situation when Pakistan states Baloch freedom fighters as its enemy, blames them receiving help from other countries especially India and these allegations have been coming forward since the beginning of this war, so why Pakistan did not feel in 4 to 5 years the need to conclude any concrete proof in this file? This shows clearly that without false allegations it does not have any non reject able proof.

Such allegations are shown very bravely by Pakistani officials in Balochistan governor house or chief minister house where a very few people got the guts of asking the truth and asking any proof or a fewer people want to know more about the issue. Therefore when Awais Ghani, former governor of Balochistan, claims that weapons of billions of rupees were smuggled from Afghanistan to Balochistan but thinking everyone except him is a fool he doesn’t feel to give any source or proof. Similarly from past times till today talks of interference of India, Russia, US, Israel and Afghanistan were continuously brought forward but it (Pakistan) could not bring up even a single proof successfully. It means that the intelligence agencies according to Lashkari Raisani, a ruling party senator, provide false and baseless information to higher authorities which are made base in Islamabad to make policies and act upon them.
Interpreters from governor to central and provincial houses said that Martyred Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti was in Afghanistan, India and other places but everyone witnessed the reality on the beginning of 23rd Augusts' ground field which ended after Nawab Bugti's and his colleague's martyrdom on 26th august 2006. Present Federal Interior Minister quoted in front of the world media that John Solecki was held in Kabul near Hamid Karzai's palace but later on John Solecki was found in Mastung area near Quetta. In this lineage he twice accused Brahmdagh Bugti, grandson of Martyr Nawab Akbar Bugti, of kidnapping Mr. Solecki, then four times he changed his statement saying Brahmdagh Bugti was not involved in this abduction, but later on in parliament's in-camera session he said that John Solecki was abducted on Brahmdagh's advice and John Solecki was with Brahmdagh's accompanies. In evidence he showed that Brahmdagh quoting John Solecki as code name of 'the red goat' in a conversation.

In the light of the history of confirming past allegations of Pakistan it can be easily said that Pakistan won't be able to prove any allegations on Balochistan matter, in fact it would see the reaction of this when the whole world will take real interest in this matter and revise the history of allying Pakistan following its redundancy including the killings and genocide Pakistan has committed. The entire world will listen to the stories of Pakistani ruler's military operations and after that apologizing for the operations and again after that repeating the military operations. The division of Baloch nation in pieces by the British, Baloch's own homeland where it was in majority once now has converted into minority and a third and fourth class citizen, and such other realities will be heard by the world. The world will realize Baloch's identity and its thousands of years old history in danger. Then, Pakistani ruler's will get the point that the file which they handed over to India in order to blackmail India so that it stops persisting on action against Hafiz Saeed and other responsible of Mumbai attacks, but here the issue turned opposite to this. Pakistan will have to give Hafiz Saeed and a lot more because it itself invited the world to debate on this issue.

In such, the thing important for Baloch nation is that its leadership can take a great benefit from this opportunity or it may lose this golden chance due to its drowsy carelessness.

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