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, July 25, 2010,


The Motives of The Current Baloch National Movement
Written By Hafeez Hassanabadi

The affairs of Baloch and Balochistan have now gone out of Pakistani state control.
Therefore, it has engaged itself in a vicious campaign of carnage which has
surpassed every limit of atrocities against Baloch nation. But all its faulty
tactics of carnage and terrorism have been rendered into failure and
ineffectiveness.  Neither Baloch nation is intimidated nor has it left the ground
empty.  Rather with extreme revulsions, it has erected itself forwards in the
character of a real force.  Baloch national movement is so organized that it has
taken aback the Baloch enemy.  But for us it is hardly so, in brief,  here we try
to illustrate  what are the dimensions and the motivation of  this organized 
power and its strategy, which is gaining strength and momentum day by day.  It is
easy to deduce results, how this current insurgency, for many reasons, is different
from the previous ones:
1- The wisdom maturity of Baloch leadership
2- The successful strategy of Guerilla War
3- The popular support for the freedom movement
4- The firm bases of counter propaganda
5- The International moral encouragement
6- Pakistani state’s misdeeds and the gigantic problems
7- The demands of the new world and the importance and necessities of Baloch Homeland
With many other reasons, the above mentioned facts are what, which have pushed
Pakistan into a state where it sees its equilibrium lost and the Baloch national
struggle effective.
1- The Wisdom Maturity of Baloch leadership:  The wisdom maturity of the Baloch
leadership is the main reason which has earned them the complete popular support and
the confidence with which they are fighting triumphantly.
With clear slogans, it is first time that all efforts of proving that, this  is a
defensive war, not a Separatist one  got succeeded, whereby it achieved the highest
distinction of freedom movement. The maturity of the leadership’s wisdom has
embarrassed Pakistani state by establishing a new trend which regards the rule of
the individuals secondary, and the rule of the institutes the foremost.  That is
why; so far, no one knows who is leading this insurgency movement. Previously all
national movements, from Shaheed Mehrab Khan down to 1977, died down, whenever the
leader was arrested, killed or came into a truce with the enemy. This was the
central idea behind the target killings of the Nawab Bugti and Balach khan Marri,
but this time it did not work.  The kalat state would be conquered, after Mehrab
khan was killed. Tehran blew the trumpet of victory When Mir Dost Mohammad Khan was
arrested. Similarly, the freedom movement would die down when Aga
 A. kareem and Nawab Nowroz Khan laid down their arms.
Contrary to the previous instances, here we did not witness a slightest sluggish in
the pace of the war, instead, we saw the puppets of the government eating the humble
pie. Neither we saw an end to the war for the government, nor did we witness the
political arena empty.
 Despite of the great losses, the continuation of the struggle is the proof of the
fact that current leadership, learning a lesson from the previous wars, has got rid
of the grip of the individualism.  Just as we had earlier mentioned, we want to
reiterate again, that yes there exists a very central important role of individuals.
But these individuals are effective only when they are committed with the freedom
2- The successful strategy of Guerilla War:   As the leadership is very serious,
therefore the activities of the guerrillas are not limited to a certain area. 
Therefore it has successfully countered Pakistani propaganda that this insurgency is
limited only in certain or two tribal areas for self interests.  Because of this
expansion, entire Balochistan was declared a sensitive area, as this war has now
engulfed all cities and allies, besides the mountains.  There is no doubt in it
that, at the beginning when the occupying state started its gory operation, it did
not know that it would meet with tough response. During the previous last four wars,
the state established a network of military garrisons all around the Balochistan.
On top of it, to water down the importance and the intensity of this war of freedom,
the state has lifted no stone unturned to associate it with miserable demands
(provincial autonomy, to increase the privileges of chieftains) this was what which
forced the Baloch to resume urban guerilla warfare, along with mountainous war, so
that the oblivious world knows what is the reality.  
Even though the war in mountains has always been an easy one for Baloch, and the
impacts of mountainous war are highly effective, as the mountains are the places
where the occupying state prospers, as they contain precious recourses.  Creating
Hazards in mountains is equal to putting a stoppage to the oxygen flow to the state
 In keeping with the current peculiar conditions, Baloch guerilla urban warfare has
achieved unusual success. Although it has not erased the state writ completely, yet
it has pushed it near to complete failure. At the beginning the minor state
collaborators and then some high ranking officials and political agents were
eliminated in direct target killing, this unusually prevented others to participate
in activities against Baloch. Resultantly, this triggered a massive exodus of
Punjabis and Muhajirs officers from all institutes to go back to their home
provinces.  Countless non-Baloch breathed a sigh of relief for the success that
they got themselves transferred from Balochistan.  Those who could not make it, are
living a miserable life, for them each passing day is the last day of their lives.
The problem with these people is that they cannot adjust themselves with Baloch
national interests.  And Baloch, regarding them the collaborators of the
 enemy, cannot allow them to live within their ranks. This urban warfare has played
the key role in highlighting the Baloch Issue not only within Pakistan, But also
world around to become a matter of debate. We have no doubts that if Baloch
contained their Guerilla War within mountains, Pakistan would never have admitted
that Baloch were fight with Pakistan for liberty.
At the beginning of the war, Pakistani state, from president down to a minor
functionary, all were propagating that there existed no freedom movement. But now,
to lighten the weight of their sins, they have now started remorsefully
acknowledging the insurgency in Balochistan, and imputing Hindustan, Israel and
America for funding and funning the insurgency.
But the reality is that, had a country helped Baloch national movement for freedom,
the entire scenario of the war would have been different altogether.  Nevertheless,
one can say without any vacillation that, by the outright measures of selected
targets, and piercing the state’s bubbling writ, the Baloch guerillas have firmly
registered it that they are advancing rapidly towards their goal.
there comes a day when,  the biggest spy masters at the highest official level,
who  are running their businesses  one way or another by making the smaller moles
their scapegoats, they would not be able to continue their sinister any further
more. And entire Baloch nation would turn into a whole Balochi lashker (into a
defense force). As Sardar Khair Baksh Marri had rightly said that they would live a
simple life during daytime, but when the dark night falls, they would attack the
enemy like a thunderbolt.
 Before the commandment of the Sardar Khair Baksh Marri, in an article I had
already pointed out towards the pierce tendency of Baloch nature that Baloch like
wolf would prowl in solitude after his prey. Every Baloch would turn into a lashker
(fighting force) and attack his enemy, whenever he gets an opportunity.
The successful  guerilla actions  have  forced  state’s all institutes to make
irreversible blunders, which is evident by the increasing atrocities that the
state  meting out against  common Baloch.  Contrary to state’s expectations, it
has shacked entire Baloch social life into a nation-conscious freedom movement,
which was hitherto hibernating for ages. Today “What is going on” is the
discussion of the day in Baloch society.  The guns and the canons are
disproportionately used to silence the Baloch hue and cry to reaching to world
community, but today the same state is trying to know what the news, the analyses of
Sarmachars (freedom fighters) and the pro independent forces say.
5- International moral encouragement: though some of our intellectual and political
friends argue that Baloch national movement did not receive the encouragement as
much as they deserve to from international community. To some extent their argument
is true, because the Baloch national issue did not receive the required attention as
compared with Kashmiri and Palestinian movement. But despite that, however, it is
encouraging, as per the peculiar condition of the world politics, there is a lot of
talks going on about Baloch national movement.
Until today, no big power, including America, have opposed Baloch national movement,
instead, they have rather advised Pakistan to resolve Baloch national crisis.  No
matter, whatever one deduces out of this world stance about Baloch national
movement, but fact of the matter is that everyone is aware of the sensitive nature
of this issue.
 Within a short period of time Baloch Martyrs and the Sarmachars have successfully
pulled Baloch national issue from Pakistani internal matter, and presented it into
international political arena. Pakistani states’ high officials are forced to
desperately take up Baloch national issue with American and Indian high ranking
officials. It does not matter whatever they say, but their impacts are far reaching
for Baloch national struggle. Now it is up to the Baloch leadership, to take the
advantage of this “hard earned attention” for a better result externally and
internally.  All Pakistani efforts of linking Baloch national struggle with
Religious and terrorist organizations have been rendered to an utter failure. 
Despite all barbaric heinous Pakistani crimes, Baloch have never stepped outside
their geography to become a part of suicidal and terror activities. They are
fighting a defensive war on their own homeland. They are constantly calling upon
 international investigating teams to visit Balochistan to see the genuine Baloch
national struggle and the terror crimes that Pakistani state committing against
Baloch nation. But Pakistan does not allow even the welfare NGOs to inter into
Balochistan by fabricating different excuses, let alone international investigating
With the same momentum if Baloch national struggle continued, the day comes soon
when the world community breaks its fasting, and the world powers start talking
openly about Baloch national issues.   Baloch national leadership knows well that
the only thing that they need is that they should not be disappointed and continue
their struggle for emancipation, depending on their own resources. Wars fought on
the behest of others have proven disastrous, rather than success.
 6- Pakistani state’s misdeeds and the gigantic problems: It is the misfortunate
of Pakistani state that it could not avail itself from the time when it was engaged
in deceiving Baloch nation.  Otherwise until now, no veteran politician, except
Nawab Khair Baksh Marri, would have admitted the mistakes committed in the past.
Rather, with diverse arguments, they would have advised others to follow the
disastrous path, where they themselves had achieved nothing.
They are the people whose shoulders were used to mount the gun to kill their own
brothers.  And they were the same people who were given the daggers to tear the
Sha’al of Honor of their own daughters and mothers.  They have sold their
conscience by terming the false and fake promises of Islamabad as true. In Baloch
society they have now become the symbol of abhorrence along Pakistani state. 
The saying of Pervaiz Musharraf that, all Baloch Sardars are pro Pakistani state,
except three chieftains, is itself a testimony that the state’s misdeeds have
shown their negative effects. They have now automatically become weightless by
linking themselves with them.
Pakistan, on the one hand, externally and internally is in a virtual vortex. On the
other, all its chessmen have increasingly becoming ineffective; the foreign policy
failure and the internal instability have buried its all internal policies. 
Banking system is a total mess.  The extreme crisis of water and electricity
shortage has turned its economy into a shamble. The intensity of the crisis of
different nationalities has left Pakistan nowhere. The strained relationships with
its neighboring nations and the security question of its nuclear arsenals have posed
one of the biggest questions for the world community. And the sphere of influence of
the state over Talban and Al Qaeda are the main concerns for international
community, the above mentioned facts are some alarming realities,  for which,
Pakistan is constantly being attributed with, as a failed state.
In such circumstances, given its strategic position, the importance of Balochistan
automatically increases.  The question of Baloch national issue has become the
centre of the attention.  Because of Pakistan’s irresponsible behavior, the
international community is rightly inclining towards a new thinking about Baloch
national movement in this region, infect, not only they are fighting for their
survival, but also they are the true natural ally of  the West  and the civilized
world against Islamic extremism. Today Baloch, more than any times before, in
keeping with world’s requirements, and because of the right direction of their
struggle, are familiar with the secret of how to topple the vanquished body of the
7- The demands of the new world and the importance and necessities of Baloch
Homeland:  In our many articles we have reiterated time and again that the time has
proved wrong the unnatural decision of the then British Raj that regarded
Balochistan as if it was their hereditary empire which they gifted it to Iran and
Pakistan for some vested interests. Today Pakistan is playing a dabble game on
afghan issue, along with Iran, who’s direct support to Talban a real fact, which
not only could break the back of America and its allies and inflict upon them a
severe defeat, but also it has already put the entire region on a constant anxiety
with its Nuclear Weapons. The excess to Baloch natural resources, and to benefit
from it along with Central Asia, has become a part of the new world’s needs, which
is not only an impossible task because of strained relationship Between Baloch and
Pakistan, along with Iran,  but also because of adamancy of Pakistan. This
 secular and peaceful Baloch homeland is constantly becoming a war arena and the
centre for Islamic extremist forces.  Today it is Baloch national movement for
freedom which has erected barricades on the path of expanding Islamic Extremism,
otherwise, Pakistan had established more than 1400 madrassas in this less populated
province to turn it into a Nursery ground for Al Qaeda and Talban.
Similarly, Baloch national movement for freedom has made it difficult, if not
impossible, for Pakistan to interfere in Afghanistan affairs.  But it doesn’t
mean that when it gets failed in Afghanistan then it stops it intrigues there.
Therefore, to get rid of it forever, it is imperative to first resolve the problems
of nationalities on the bases of justice.
The mistake that, the then British Empire and the world powers committed during
their times, should be rectified. The Baloch and Pashtun separate homelands which
were arbitrarily divided, should be salvaged, and be given the right to live an
independent life, otherwise, Baloch is geared up to fight any conspiracy that
directed  towards them.
As far as the matter is concerned to Pashtun nation, Pakistan has assigned them with
different bunkers on the both sides of the border and pitted them against each other
in a bloody war.  And this region has become a valley of death and destruction
which has constantly created difficulties for entire world community.
Given the intensity in Baloch national struggle and the apprehension of the world
community about this region, Baloch is well aware of it that if they failed this
time to restore their sovereignty over their home land, history will not allow them
again another opportunity. This is an appropriate opportunity for them to avail. No
matter whatever the colonial power and its puppets say against such logic, it is
nothing more than a hobgoblin act to detract the attention of the Baloch public and
the pro independent leadership.
The last word: these are the basic facts and the awareness that has spurred the
geographic expansion and intensity of the Baloch national movement. It does not mean
that by highlighting the positive aspects of the Baloch national movement, that
there exists no weakness. After a thorough analyses of all aspects of the successes,
failures, weaknesses, bad and good, we can say with confidence, that despite the
difficulties and flaws,  the steps that have been taken, are moving towards  right
directions. We must take the notice of the dark sides and control them, but we
should not devalue the successes that have been achieved so far by offering
countless sacrifices. Today the leadership of the freedom movement, and their
Sarmachars, their struggle, their intellectuals, their Students and their conscious
Daughters, are politically far more pragmatic than ever before.  As far as the
mistakes are concerned during the struggle, they reoccur time and again
 until the process is continued. The thing that Baloch need to paid attention the
most, is that, like every nation, liberty is their right. Today the conditions are
far more conducive than ever before and the leadership has chosen the right time in
accordance with the demands of the world community.
Translated by Archen Baloch
Courtesy:   DailyTawar News