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Insist of participation in Baloch national movement and repeating of  false interpretations of right terms...
By Hafeez Hassanabadi
Translated by Zrombesht Baloch
Saturday, September 04, 2010
(translated from the original proof, correction included)
Following the orders of Baloch massacre in Noshrowan and going through an indiscriminate trail of murders, the Baloch is once again facing a big scrutiny. In today’s scientific world the perdition of a nation is very easy due to human necessities and lethal weapons being in arms reach. Iran and Pakistan keeping this in mind have started an undeclared genocide of Baloch nation making their lives even miserable. 
The Baloch has slam its everything in this current war  of survival and they have no other option left. The reason is even if it approves the allegiance of Iran and Pakistan it still faces the same threats so the Baloch got an only arduous path of freedom which it is traveling through. In even such dreadful situation some Baloch political parties wile by pretending and try to be apart of the struggle. Not everyday cases of young Balochs going missing could gain attention to let such people think for a while neither hanging bodies on the trees could open their eyes nor unidentifiable bodies’ sky tearing outcry could not jolt their Balochism. 
Even witnessing perdition all around, these people still do not get tired in calling unity (just vocal calls). Even though the circumstances have cleared it long ago that anyone should participate in the struggle according to their strength respectively. Apparently this situation is above the thinking of an ordinary Baloch that we all talk about Baloch and Balochistan but why are we unable to agree on this single point of saving our motherland first and then everyone preach their own ideas.
All sharing the same hope, why moving on different paths even if sharing the same destination?
This is the basic point that has been discussed several times but the need of discussing it more is because following the including parties of BNF, now BNP Mengal’s few leaders being direct victims of state target killings. Feeling the intensity of such political leaders being victim of direct state indignation, National Party too sometimes issues statements of its party leaders being unsafe. 
Although the peaceful political struggle claimer National Party’s (NP) role is as that running jackal of the jungle who after hearing the news of elephants massacre orders runs. 
Someone asked: ‘Everything okay Jackal? Why are you running?!’ 
the jackal replied: ‘Dear! The king has ordered to kill all the elephants!’ 
the questioner asked curiously: ‘The king ordered to kill the elephants, you are a jackal, why do you have to run?!’
The jackal thought argument with this “muddleheaded person” was just waste of time, he continued running saying: ‘Who knows someone misunderstands us as an elephant child and kill us!’
Previously if parties included in BNF were direct targets of state infuriation, now BNP Mengal too is included in the list enlarging the list of martyrs for a useless demand as right of self-determination. 
In this stereography we will try to consider the possibilities of the reasons being hurdle in forming any kind of coalition among these parties. 
If a glitzy look is given to the circumstances, BNP Mengal should not have any problem in joining with the pro-independence but a deep-laid consideration leads this is only possible if along BNP Mengal all other parties are hitch at a point which is called harmoniousness. 
Unfortunately the meanings of words and terms have changed in their neighboring. These parties will not be effective for the pro-independence or cooperative for homeland’s independence till they don’t dare to use the real meanings of the terms. 
For example when Nawab Khair Baksh Marri quotes Baloch nation should get ready to die for the sake of its survival, the meaning of this statement is taken as it is and Nawab Khair Baksh clears thinking Baloch nation’s survival is just combined with its independence and it (the Baloch) has to slam its everything in order to get rid of the Punjabis and the Gajars (Fars). And if a similar statement is issued by Sardar Ataullah Mengal, the next or the coming day a defining note is issued from any corner on the newspapers stating the center should let go all and keep just 3 administrations under it. As if the term ‘Dying’ means extensive provincial autonomy in their neighborhood. They define it ‘provincial autonomy’ or ‘right of self-determination’ it doesn’t matters because their demand is so clear that it could never be mixed up with the demand of independence in fact terming it right of self-determination would be an enhancement.
Regarding Baloch genocide such statements are considered equal e.g. accounting this genocide no pro-independence has ever accused Pakistani establishment, it has always accused the state for this barbarism. Whereas the pro-parliaments under their blanket of slavery backwardness accuse the establishment. Very rarely in Baloch society under some political pressure such elements use the term of ‘slavery’ but recommend a different solution to it. Are they so literary doltish that they do not know the solution of slavery is freedom? Or else this possibility will always remain that they will participate in elections and their own structure of provincial government is their aim. 
When pro-independence call for ensemble ways of struggle they mean along with the armed struggle all democratic methods in shape of demonstrations and public gatherings so that more and more people are aware of Pakistani states’ bad deeds and are convinced to participate in Balochistan’s independence.  Whereas the exact same statement’s meaning taken by the pro-parliaments is to let the armed struggle carry on in the mountains and they shall support them in the parliament. Stating so they forget their participation in the parliament is exact inconvenient of the armed strugglers in the freedom movement. Their participation in parliament advocates Pakistani colonization on Balochistan legalizing and yielding it. Even though they are well aware of the fact of participation in the struggle is possible without staying in power but they would never do so because they have accepted the division and occupation of Baloch land. Such people’s demands are not more than ‘hail he who gives, hail he who doesn’t!’
Both the pro-independence and pro-parliaments express their will of negotiation with the Pakistani state but the definition of negotiation among both varies. When pro-independence express the will of talks they mean single point agenda of independence while the other colleagues mean it as extensive controls giving it another name calling upon Saudi Arabia, UAE or sometimes the UN to play a third party role. Besides keeping such demands they still are not clear. It can be easily concluded by considering the comments of BNP’s former senator once on a TV program how he had scrolled down Balochistan’s independence issue to Musharraf-Nawaz grievance handing it over to an Arab Shaikh. 
In the missing persons issue the stands of both the parties contexts differ. For the pro-independence, the issue of missing persons is as important as the question along that the missing persons are in worse conditions in the torture cells because of their demand of a great motive. Whereas according to the pro-parliaments the release of missing persons is necessary in order to reinstate confidence among the Balochs and the state so that they could again use the Baloch name and face no hurdles in talking to Islamabad being sorry for what all happened and assuring it never repeat. The reason is if their demands are not agreed to Islamabad it is possible they are later on disappeared and martyred like Ghulam Mohd and his colleagues. 
‘Martyrs blood will go no waste’ keeps dual definition in both the fields. The pro-independence say so with the motive of the independence of Balochistan. The pro-parliaments mean to collect more and more vote under this term. Our explanation of terms might shock some friends but this is the truth because these people coming for elections will surely mention the sacrifices of their martyrs. Perceptively or unperceptive they will convert the blood of their martyrs as a begging pot asking people to put their votes in which is direct collision to the Baloch national freedom movement. 
‘No more to iniquity’ bear dual meaning among both as well. Pro-independence saying so defend with full force while pro-parliaments have been saying so continuously since last 5 years but in practical the result out is no more than some photo sessions in front of Press Clubs or on some special occasions speaking on the stage as if the meaning of ‘no more to iniquity’ is to wait for another incident. 
The meaning of ‘We all are brothers’ has been changed too. Pro-independence mean all those people who are aware of their homeland slavery and want to see it independent. The pro-parliaments calling all the Balochs as brothers mean not to point out the opportunists. Could any brotherhood be seen between Dr. Allah Nizar or Nawab Brahmdagh Bugti and any Pakistani parliament’s MPA, MNA, Senator, District and Divisional officer who one being in power holds meeting with Secretaries, DCSPs etc. on a daily basis and the other holds his life in his hand in the battlefield fighting against the occupation. 
When pro-independence leader Mr. Hayrbyar Marri mentions Pakistan being powerful it means Baloch nation should get steady and clever in the ongoing war and he knows the enemy is strong but could be defeated by correct tactics used. Whereas the same sentence used by the pro-parliaments means Pakistan is undefeatable and we should reject the demand of freedom. This is where the pro-independence believe to strengthen the armed struggle in the freedom movement and Pakistani parliament seekers keep their selves busy in bonding relationships. 
In this short discussion we easily come to the conclusion that there is a huge difference of paths and motives between Pakistani parliament seekers and the pro-independence. Nevertheless following BNF the state seems to be trying to jolt BNP Mengal. Which means the state is well aware of the clashes of thoughts between the leaders and the workers of this group and one after another is targeting its workers who are the supporters of Baloch freedom fighters in themselves. In such upcoming situation it cannot be overruled that those members of NP are too targeted who against their party are committed to support the freedom movement. It means Pakistani parliament seekers keeping in mind the true meanings of terms, honestly analyzing the circumstances and incidents should for the sake of Baloch nation survival war join those forces who are directly involved in the struggle. Thus it is known the day Baloch parties decide to cut off relations with Pakistan, the next day all the terms, phrases and sentences will have the true meanings among them paving the ways of extent unity. Or else a silly Punjabi may misunderstand the jackal as an elephant child and kill it!  
Sep. 3rd 2010