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Once again, the disintegration of Pakistan re-soundingÖ
By Hafeez H.A.

In an article published in The Asian Times, well known International Strategic
Analyst Pepe Escobar has revealed that Washington D.C. has put its 'Laser ray'
sight on the Pakistani occupied Baluchistan. Washington wants to break and
divide Pakistan in the same manner as the Balkan Region in the decade of 1990. On
Pakistan's decline the Analyst has used the term of Balkanization. He writes
that the American Administration is in complete favor of this province's
freedom. This plan has gained great popularity in Washington's diplomatic and
policy making circles. Baluchistan remains totally under the radar of the frenetic
US news cycleand Gwader is the main part of new US great game. American organizations have
given the name "Eurasia Piplinistan" to this plan. To bring this plan on a
working process, the strict General Stanley Mike Crystal to be appointed on
behalf of General Patrice and Helmand's new military bases, are the main points
analysts are looking at these days.
Pepe, writing more on the American plan about Baluchistan, says Americans have
confessed that numerousBalochi readers pointed out to this correspondent that it is
now in fact a 50% Balochi/Pashtun province. Most Pashtoons live near the Afghan border. And many happen to be neighbors of Afghanistan's Helmand province - the key site of the
upcoming Obama surge. In case of a hypothetical balkanization of Pakistan,
Balochs and Pashtuns would go separate ways. Quetta, the provincial capital, in
terms of population and business activity, is already dominated by Pashtuns.
Considering this last sentence true, Mr. Escobar has given importance writing that Baluchistan's internal politics are complex. Balochs and Brahvies are separate nationalities - with different spoken languages and culture. Quite a few Balochis do not accept Brahvies as
Honestly,these last two sentences made us helpless stopping ourselves in sharing our
views on this topic because Dear Mr. Escobar's all these views are not at all
new to me, except using Helmand military bases for Baluchistan Liberation
point. Other than this, we have cleared all the other points in many of our
articles which have been published in the newspaper Daily Tawar. Readers may
remember that once we even wrote at the point that Pakistan with its geography
is not acceptable and is of no interest for the world. The US and the entire
world has tolerated Pakistan's attitude over Baluchistan. Punjab had taken
Baloch's responsibility and all the talks were through Punjab but now
experience has proven that Punjab has failed badly in fulfilling these
responsibilities. After previous military operations, fifth military operation
has opened the eyes of many countries that Baloch nation does not accept its
slavery. Previous years resistance has shown everyone that to live and work
peacefully in this region Baloch's willingness is a must. Other then Baluchistan's
resources the things we have always focused include Central Asia's mineral
resources and gas. To reach these minerals and gas it is very necessary to keep
peace in Baloch and Pashtoon areas and now these both nations want direct
issues. Pakistan interferes in Baloch, Afghan and US issues making itself
concern without any reason. Baloch leader Nawab Khair Baksh once even said that
we can negotiate with a pig but not a Punjabi. If the matter has come to this
point so the US should kick Punjab out from its gate keeping duty.
Here we will once again discuss on these aspects which foreign intellectuals neglect
or donít bring them under discussion because of some interests and give their
decisions through surface discussions that US wants to break Pakistan to easily
get Baluchistan's rich minerals. To think and say on these topics these Misters
donít bother to think that; Any Pakistani ruler can even think of standing as a
barrier in front of any US interest? And if US is interested in conquering
Baluchistan's minerals, are Pakistani rulers ready to play any mega project or any contract
drama in front of US to handover them the minerals? Therefore, in our opinion
liberating Baluchistan might be one reason to conquer natural resources of Baluchistan by
the US but it can't be the basic reason because to reach this aim it is very
necessary to solve three main problems. If these problems are not solved so
reaching Baluchistan's assets and central Asia's gas might just remain a dream.
Those Problems are related to Pakistan's existence and all the useless efforts
done by the Pakistani rulers to make the US, Europe and the civilized world
believe that Pakistan can solve these problems;

1.     Spreading Religious Extremists,
2.     Islamic Nuclear Assets,
3.     Drugs.
These three problems are both for US and the coalitions imagined lethal.
International analysts talking about Pakistan's Breakage neglect these points
whereas Pakistan's wrong statements and failure are the main cause of its
destructions. We have always tried to gain attention to these three main (and
several countless small) problems only appearing solution is Hillary Clinton's
suggestion which is down-sizing Pakistan, Or if, the fight against the Islamic
extremists may increase to bigger cities of Pakistan and the main cause for this
will be Pakistan's inner destabilized political system, corruption, ruler and
public distance and will create a worse situation.
After so many assurances Islamic nuclear weapons are still not safe in world's eyes
and local Pashtoons are suffering hard because of the military operation going
on in the tribal areas. There are very few chances that in near future
Pakistani military might be able to sustain government writ in tribal areas. At
the moment, prayers for Pakistani military win are considered by us as pure
government propaganda because many such claims were made in the past which
appeared false later on. It has become very difficult for Pakistan to adjust
and hide the refugees (Pashtoons) anywhere. Punjab and Sindh has started
raising their voices against unfortunate refugees (Pashtoon) which leads these
hundreds of thousands of people not giving their sympathy to Pakistani rulers
or public (Punjabis and Muhajirs and at some point Sindhis). The same military
who consists of 40% of Pashtoons is on war against Pashtoon and genociding them.
In this situation Taliban and other religious movements will get boost in fact
the possibility of Pakistani Islamic nuclear assets getting into these
extremists movement increases on a large scale which is not less than a hanging
sword on the American forces.
Pakistan existence political (corrupt) and social make is understood to be the main
problem in this religious war causing it still far from victory. Until and
unless Pakistan is divided into different parts it is not possible to stop
these religious extremists from moving one place to another or to bring them
under any control. Similar problems are with the drugs issue. No such country
can control drugs where a border security guard can make much more money than a
city SHO. Militia and Anti-Narcotics officers donít bother to speak until the
deal is in millions. To break these chains also, it is important to divide
Pakistan in different parts.
In short, these are the basic things causing the US and the world chase Pakistan. But,
it doesnít means the US ever thought that these aims can be achieved rubbing Aladdin's lamp. There is no doubt that US willingness is needed in building or disintegrating any country.
If everything done in this world was under US wishes, so countries like Iran and
North Korea wouldnít have existed in the world map. In Pakistan's case, it has
already been divided into different parts and is in state of war which is due
to the evil-doings of its own rulers. Now the world is thinking how to separate
these parts in less loss.
Here we 100% agree with the foreign intellectuals and analysts that the brave US is
now fed-up of its nearest coalition Pakistan and wants to bring Pakistan on
such a stage that it won't be able to make the US chase it anymore. Therefore
we being Baloch are very depressed by issues relating Baluchistan published in
Pakistan lacking reality and consisting more of imagination. The thought of
people living in US after these kinds of media propagandas against Baluchistan
and Balochs not only increases the threat of civil war but the aim the world
including Balochs have been struggling for, might not be achieved.
The most repeated mistake which the Pakistani media always tries to promote is the
Baloch-Pashtoon population ratio. In each and every analysis Baloch population
is (criminally) made to appear less so that Baloch cannot claim the ownership
of this land. Hundreds of thousands of Afghan refugees came to Baluchistan
after the Red Revolution who were later on made to appear the natives of
different divisions and provided with National ID cards by the so-called Baloch
and Pashtoon pro-parliament leaders to gain their votes (they are present in
large number in Pashtoon areas whereas in Baloch areas specially in Chaghi
large numbers of refugees were provided NID's) After adding all these numbers Pashtoon
become 25per cent, different ethnics become 15per cent whereas Baloch remains
in majority by 60per cent. Balochs and Pashtoons both are living separate in
their own separate historical homelands and there is no land basis conflict in
between them if one is not created. Although Pakistani media and foreign
writers usually show both these nations as 50/50 in this land and more on
Baloch is divided into 2 parts to convey Pakistani heart-sayings. Mr. Escobar
has repeated the same felony mistake showing Balochs and Brahvis as two
different nations and their language, culture and traditions different. This is
such an aberrant, Baloch enemy and far from reality conspiracy which is only
done by Baloch nation's enemy or someone who is not acquainted to Baloch history.
"Most of the Balochs donít see Brahvis as Balochs" this sentence of Mr. Escobar
cannot be digested by us at all. He even did not mention the source of this
information. Although here it is necessary to explain that no Balochi or Brahvi
speaking Personal or head ever mention this irresponsible statement that
Balochs and Brahvis are two different nations.
We think we donít have to make anyone understand that if the proofs are invalid so
the decision similarly becomes a wrong and an injustice one. This is the basic
point we are trying to bring under debate since long. Baloch leadership should
pay attention on the issues which are going to be great threat in the near
future rather than hoping anything from Pakistan. In Baluchistan there is no
role of Baloch in any job, educational centers, development funds and other
government facilities. Baloch has been taken out so smoothly in Pakistan's
national issues. Its leadership does not know or is confused that it should
leave the preparations for elections and give their time to plan some tactics
for their nation's survival. On the other hand, if Washington and the world's
powerful countries act under these untrue facts about Baloch and Baluchistan
being published on international level, it may result very terrifying. It can
be an effort done by the enemies of the Baloch Cause to spread such information
about Baloch and Baluchistan and make them acceptable. To fail these efforts
Baloch pro-liberation leaders have a lot of capacity.  People can make decisions on
your case on the social make only if the information they get are based on true facts or if
changes brought on the basis of false information will only increase the
tensions already present there.
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