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Baloch geographical importance and internal complexities

Baloch geographical importance and internal complexities


Baloch geographical importance and internal complexities 01 / 02 / 2014 English 330

<strong>By Shabir Baloch </strong>


Balochistan has gained international significance owing to her geographic importance and attractiveness. Balochistan is a land full of natural resources and has a rich history. This worthiness of Balochistan gained attention of international powers whose has their eyes on its [Balochistan’s] natural resources but the Baloch people have always protected their land against foreign aggressors.

Today once again history is repeating itself where Pakistan has forcibly occupied Balochistan, since then it has been plundering Balochistan’s natural resources without any hesitation. The Baloch despite being owner of a rich country are the poorest in the region.

Concurrently, Pakistan coupled with other international powers are looting and stealing resources of Balochistan. The examples of which are projects like Reko Dek, Saindak and Gwadar, globally known as a beautiful city and "string of pearls". This is because the scenario in this region has changed. China is once again striving to become a regional super power. Vice versa, America also have an interest in that the region and is currently present there. These powers have economic interest, in shape of gas and oil, in this destabilised region. China like Pakistan has made more foes instead of making any friends; hence she has a lot of rivals. Besides, china has never maintained good relations with her neighbouring countries including Japan, India, Manilla and to some extent Vietnam. Actually "cool war" has been started in this region; cool war is like Cold War. In this each power indulges itself for the sake of increasing its influence. In Cold War dominant players were Russia and America, but in cool war china has replaced Russia. Analysts are also of the opinion that India may replace America as a firm player in this region after withdrawal of U.S [from Afghanistan]. India has good relations with Northern Alliance in [Afghanistan], on contrary; Pakistan would try to enhance its influence with the help of Taliban and Haqani network. In fact the real competition [the cool war] will start after withdrawal of America and [NATO force].

In this region "The Strait of Malacca "and “the Strait of Hormuz" are two oil routes. The former is under the control of U.S and its allies, while, "Strait of Hormuz" (where daily 17 billion barrels oil passes), which is near Chabahar and Musqat. Gwadar and Chabahar are 125 miles distance from each other. Both are Baloch seas where the occupiers, continuing their aggressiveness, have sold Baloch resources in international market. China in order to boost up her influence and power is building Gwadar port on one hand and constructing Hambantata in Srilanka, Chitagon in Bangladesh, Sittawa and Kyaukpy in Burma simultaneously. These projects scared India, America and Japan. Thus, regional blocks are seemed to be emerging in this region where America, Australia, South Korea, Japan, Thailand and Singapore formulated one mutual block. While, on contrary, China, Pakistan, Russia, Iran and North Korea might be the second block. On one hand, the Strait of Malacca is under supreme possession of America and its allies. Vice versa china and her allies put impetus regarding project of "the Strait of Hormuz", disregarding the fact that the main stake holder is the Baloch nation.

Keeping in view the importance and utility of “Strait of Hormuz”, both Iran's Gajars and Pakistani Punjabi are selling it in International markets. America has succeeded in capturing the resources of Central Asia (i.e. oil and gas), but she has no safe route to take these resources to Europe, India, china and mostly to the whole world except Balochistan's Port Bandar Abbas which safe from the Taliban’s influence could play as a safe passage to reach to the international market. Iran has also initiated to build Chabahar port with the aid of Russia and India which could be in commanding position to deliver the resources of Afghanistan to international market by road and sea. The international community cannot underestimate Balochistan because of its geographical importance, secular nature and as a gateway to Central Asia which could guarantee peace and tranquillity in the region. Under these circumstances Baloch nation should provide practical evidence of its existence and ownership of their country by their revolutionary struggle because occupied nations everywhere in the world have confronted their occupiers with revolutionary struggle and face hardships to turn the situations in their favour.

Today the Baloch nation is also passing though such testing times and are facing oppression and atrocities but Baloch are not destined to have such miserable situation in fact these are the occupiers that have mad the atrocities the fate of Baloch. The have deepened their occupation over Baloch land and they looting Baloch resources without any hesitation. Now the situation has reached to such an extent that these occupying forces are selling out Baloch homeland [to other powers]. The occupiers have put embargoes everywhere in Balochistan but human history tells us that the heat of consistent struggles has always melted down such embargoes. Today the heat of the Baloch national liberation struggle melting down both external and internal embargoes and Baloch struggle is moving towards the right direction.

These are new experiences and some might at first be reluctant to bear this heat but all the revolutionary forces passed these stages to reach to their final destinations. It is high time that all Baloch revolutionaries should value self-accountability and transparency in an enlightened manner and have a clear programme in order to reach to their destination because the [regional and international] situations could be in favour of Baloch nation if only the Baloch have the know-how of handling these situations. The Baloch leadership and national organisations should have clear and long term policy so that they might succeed in gaining international attention and turning the unfolding events in their favour. To some extent the Baloch freedom struggle has succeeded to give a clear direction to international community which why the handing over Gwadar port to China has worried the Western powers.

The Baloch nation must adopt a clear approach to convince the Western World in support of their freedom struggle under a well-planned strategy. To attain such a programme the ‘Balochistan Liberation Charter’ holds a significant importance which could be presented to the policy makers of the world in an effort to bring the plight of Baloch nation to their attention. As mentioned above nobody can deny the fact about Balochistan’s geographical importance, Gwadar, Chabahar and Bandar Abbas port have successfully gained the international importance. Hence through the ‘Balochistan Liberation Charter’ the Baloch nation can bring the plight and voice of enslaved Baloch nation to international arena. Furthermore the ‘Balochistan Liberation Charter’ can be used to influence state official like Prime Minister, their advisers, senior minister and other non-state actors to devise their policies in favour of Baloch freedom struggle. Only fortunate nations are blessed with such golden opportunities and wise nations take full advantage of such opportunities they don’t become proxies of international powers. During cold war the Baloch were used and they even forgot their religion for others interests, many people even refused the existence of God and instead of promoting Baloch national cause they started promoting socialism and communism and hence they indulged themselves in religious complexities. When they could succeed then they said the situations were in favour of Baloch but they could not take advantage of it. To avoid from repeating the past mistakes in current scenario we must review our policies and start promoting and give importance to Baloch nationalism. Now we should understand the on-going regional circumstances by wise methodology and handle them carefully so that we can make them in favour of Baloch freedom movement.

Thus, for the sake of sacrifices of Baloch freedom activists and our coming generation we must devise strong programme and work with complete truthfulness and honesty and gain the international attention and get rid of occupying powers, and become an independent, sovereign and prosperous nation. It is also a fact that whenever nation rejected obsolete system and struggled for sovereignty and happiness, then the stooge of occupiers including pro-occupation Sardars, Nawabs and so called middle class intensified their conspiracies against freedom and sometime even take practical counter revolutionary actions. In many instances people have been infiltrated in the ranks of freedom struggle that later started to divert the direction of national struggle. Such people are gradually isolated from the liberation struggle, they are either expelled or they fixed their wrongs under intense pressure but despite these complexities the struggle continues to progress towards the right direction. There are many examples of Competitive nationalism like Eretria, Kosovo and many more.

We are aware of the fact that debate and writing in such critical juncture of national struggle should be carefully crafted and worded because there is a risk of immediate provocation of others which is one of the riskiest aspects of national debate and constructive criticism of oneself. The occupied nation must always be mindful of the tricks of the occupier which can harm the nation struggle. Hence the revolutionary comrades should not be doubted but keeping check and balance is also necessary so that nobody can harm the national cause unintentionally or even intentionally. In present situation the occupier seeing its natural death at its doorstep is trying to create confusions among Baloch freedom struggle with the help of its loyal parliamentarian Sardars and middle-classes.

On one side the occupier is selling Baloch homeland to appease China and on contrary, Akhtar Mengal, National party and BNP (Awami) are being used to sustain this collapsing state. People, in their writings and statement, tried to make Akhtar Mengal understand that his participation in elections will damage the Baloch cause but despite feeling guilty of becoming partner of occupying forces he feels more proud.

One should not suspect his comrades but check and balance or accountability is also important everyone is to be responsible for their actions. Hence the pro-freedom parties and people should ask themselves who is victims of BNP’s conspiracies? Baloch nation has always given sacrifices and struggle against oppression, elite class and power holders due to which the nation had to bear the brunt of cruelty and adversaries of the time, but, despite that why the Baloch struggle has changed its stance after each five or ten year and the conspiracies of the occupiers have succeeded? Having a thorough look at the chain of events it becomes obvious that [Sardar] Attaullah Mengal and so called middle class of Makuran have always acted against the Baloch freedom movement on the behest of occupying forces. Hence, today once again these players are trying to damage the Baloch freedom struggle after the sham elections of Pakistan, which the Baloch nation has completely rejected.

The Baloch nation should determine their decision with honesty and discipline in accordance with international scenarios and internal conspiracies. Those Baloch who have initiated this the liberation knowing well that it is a difficult path and those who sacrificed their lives and suffered state atrocities, they cannot turn a blind eye to the conspiracies being hatched against Baloch freedom struggle and they should counter and foil the bids of BNP, NP and BNP (Awami’s) against Baloch struggle which they are carrying out petty incentives. As Einstein said, “The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the [good] people who don't do anything about it.” The patriot Baloch with their ideological thinking and weapon of knowledge must understand the critical situation, internal problems and conspiracies of those so called Baloch who are sheep in wolf’s skin [in Balochistan and abroad]. Thus Baloch youth must accept these realities and should become part of the process of taking Baloch struggle towards the right direction, and should take advantage of the importance of Baloch geography in favour of Baloch freedom movement.

Baloch should make every effort to get rid of Pakistani official nationalism because in the history of world whenever occupier wanted to maintain its occupation over enslaved nations they always used official nationalism and exploited the so called nationalists to counter liberation struggles of indigenous people. However, it is also a historic fact that mighty kingdoms have collapsed and turned to ruins because of their official nationalism.

Well planned, disciplined and well-strategised national liberation struggles have defeated mighty occupier that tried to enslave nations through their official nationalism for example USSR tried to enslave all other nations but the national liberation struggles defeated Russia and it reached to its demise. Burgundy sultanate failed to sustain her official nationalism and its collapse gave birth to countries like France, Germany and Switzerland. Green Colombia's partition led to the formation of countries like Ecuador, Venezuela and Colombia. Yugoslavia's collapse led to the emergence of Bosnia, Kosovo etc. Tulsa and Aragon sultanate didn't sustain due to their official nationalism. Lithuania underwent division. Then how Pakistan and Iran sustain themselves via official nationalism in the face Baloch liberation movement, they too will be defeated by Baloch national liberation struggle their collapse is inevitable.

Those greedy, beneficiaries of colonial forces i.e. Baloch nationalists and parliamentarian who were always hand in glove with occupying forces and partners in crime of colonialists and these phony nationalists not only destroyed themselves but also they also tried to lure Baloch nation to the brink of destruction with their empty slogans and double standards. However, Then, their emerged a leadership without their [Phony nationalists’] consent who rejuvenated real soul of Baloch nationalism and started practical struggle with new enthusiasm which gave hope to the Baloch people, especially the youth, and redirected freedom movement towards its right pathway and succeeded in bringing continue and determination to the struggle against the occupiers. Hence, they prepared the Baloch nation for an unabated and consistent struggle.

Pakistan failed to deter the Baloch struggle hence it once again brought Akhtar Mengal in the field with new experiments with an intention to diminish the velocity of the freedom movement. Pakistan is using these phony nationalists like Akhtar, Malik and others to counter the freedom movement and this specific club of parliamentary Baloch seeing their luxuries in danger have now practically joined Pakistan to harm Baloch national struggle.

Pakistan cannot stop Baloch national struggle through its power and force but we need to promote tolerances, check and balance and constructive criticism to address and improve our weaknesses. Pakistan and its partner in crime [the parliamentarians] cannot sustain their official nationalism because Pakistan is an artificial state and its break up is almost certain. Pakistan cannot sustain it occupation with the help of thugs and mafias because on one hand the Baloch struggle has brought Pakistan close to its natural death on the other hand international political situations that seems to be in favour of Baloch, could also put Pakistan in trouble.

If Baloch nation could resolve their matters with wisdom, bravery and in a revolutionary manner to progress forward, then the geopolitical importance can become a blessing for the Baloch nation. If they wasted opportunity as they did during Russia’s time then Baloch will be attacked and invaded by Punjabi and Chinese and turned into Red-Indians and Aborigines in their own homeland. That’s why the pro-freedom parties and leaders should find a permanent solution to enteral issues and solve them according the demands of freedom struggle that we should take an honest look at our past to see how long have travelled? The challenging problems that we face today, we have to reach to their roots and find a durable solution for future progress and unity.