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Balochistan Liberation Charter to be made public soon

Balochistan Liberation Charter to be made public soon


Balochistan Liberation Charter to be made public soon 02 / 02 / 2014 English 295


<strong>(Press release: Balochistan Liberation Charter – Coordinating Committee 12/12/2012):</strong> The Coordinating Committee held a meeting on 12th December 2012 to examine the comments and suggestions made in respect of the Balochistan Liberation Charter. During this meeting the Committee also discussed plans to launch the charter, after careful consideration of all the comments and suggestions they made the final amendments and technical adjustments.

The Committee concluded that more than sufficient time has been allocated to the initial recipients to respond with their suggestions and comments and that it was now time for the Charter to be made public. The coordinating committee said that any undue delay would not serve those interested in liberation struggle but only lead to further confusion.

The experience of last few months has shown that many who have either not wanted to see the charter or those who have not read it have raised their voice against it. “From time to time we have also heard accusations and assertions being circulated about the contents of the charter that are contrary to the core spirit of the charter itself,” said the BLC coordinating in their press release.

“In our view the Charter is one of the most vital and unprecedented steps we can take in liberation of our nation and homeland. It is a document that will determine the freedom and well-being of our people. Any response to such a vitally important document requires a sense of utmost responsibility, rational and candid judgement, and judicious civic and public duty. We are therefore pleased to announce that the Charter is at its final stage of completion and will be available to the whole Baloch nation to read and judge in the very near future.”

The Coordinating Committee will soon announce a suitable date for the publication of the Balochistan Liberation Charter.