Friday, February 11, 2011  
Occupied Balochistan
Punjab Has to Withdraw Its Forces From Balochistan, BLA, BRA, BLF
Report Archen Baloch
Occupied Balochistan: 11/2/2011, At least four persons, including the driver, foreman and two passengers were injured when Baloch Sarmachars  attacked Quetta Express with guns and rockets near Notal area of Nasirabad district on Thursday night, the passenger train, .heading for Quetta from Rawalpindi, Baloch English Media reported
In two separate attacks near Nasirabad and Dera Bugti on Tuesday and late Wednesday night, Baloch Sarmachars again blew up four gas pipelines, the main gas pipelines of 24-inch and 18-inch diameter supplying gas to Quetta and other 8 districts were again blown up last night. The same pipeline had been blown up three days ago. SSGCís 18-inch and 12-inch diameter high pressure gas pipelines were again blown up at Shori area in Nasirabad about .105 kilometers from Shikarpur to Sibi, report received by
Similarly, Baloch Resisting forces, the Sarmachars, had planted explosive materials with 16-inch and 08-inch diameters pipelines and detonated them in Dera Bugti district on Thursday. Gas supply from gas-wells numbers 40, 41 and 44 had been disrupted. Baloch Republican Army (BRA) has taken the responsibilities of blowing up pipelines. Suspension of gas has severely affected the routine life of the people, who are currently dealing with the freezing temperatures. BRA spokesperson Sarbaaz Baloch from unknown place reported to BEM that Sarmachars have killed two security men along with an engineer, and injuring three in the attacks. He said that Baloch Sarmachars would continue their resistance unless Balochistan is .free from Pakistani occupation
Power was suspended in these districts after damage done to the four pylons of main transmission lines of 222 KV and 132 KV (double circuit) in Aab-e-Gum area some 60 kilometers in Southeast of Quetta. Quetta and fourteen other districts including Mastung, Kalat, Khuzdar, Pishin, Loralai, Naushki, Ziarat, Kila Abdullah, Kila Saifullah are facing first ever power crises as power remained disrupted for the fifth consecutive days., Hundreds of protesters blocked Quetta-Taftan highway on Thursday  in Mantung against suspension of power supply to central and southern parts of Balochistan since Saturday. Meanwhile unknown armed men set ablaze a vehicle of Public Health Department on Thursday. According to BEM source, the vehicle was parked near the office when unidentified men set it .on fire and fled from the scene. The vehicle was completely gutted
Four security personnel sustained injuries in a remote control blast in Perko area of Dera Bugti on Thursday source said. According to official source, security personnel were on their way to fetched water when their vehicle was attacked with a remote control device in Perko area. As result of explosion, three security personnel received multiple splinter wounds. Those injured were identified as lance Naik Altaf, Nazar Akram and Akhtar Jan. Akhtar Jan is stated to be in critical condition, hospital sources said. On Thursday night, Baloch liberation Frontís spokesperson Douda Baloch, confirmed report through satellite phone that their forces have carried out a grenade attack on Jevani Kohsaar check post in Gwader district in which three personnel sustained fatal injuries. In other attack, According to Spokesperson, four Coast Guard security men have been killed in a blast of remote controlled device. He said that Baloch resistance forces would not relent .attacking unless Pakistani occupying forces leave Balochistan