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Baloch National Traitors‏

The Baloch: Poor People of Rich Balochistan

By Saahil Rind Baloch

لیاقت علی (ایڈووکیٹ)


کل کے ایران میں حکومت مخالف مظاھروں میں کرد
 سنّی طالب علم صانع ژالہ کا ایرانی بسیج کے ھاتوں قتل

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The bullet riddled body of Arzi Khan Marri was found near Zero point in Uthal.He was abducted along with his cousin Sohbat Khan Marri on 29 September 2010 from the industrial town of Hub. Brutally tortured and riddled with bullets body of Sohbat Khan Marri was found from Dasht area near Quetta.

Monday, February 14,

Pakistan continues its Kill & Dump policy of Baloch: Saeed Mengal's bullet-riddled dead body has been found today morning from Khuzdar. The victim was hit in the head by bullets while the hands were tied and the body bores marks of torture. Saeed was a political activist belonged to Baloch National Party BNP-M, He was a resident of Khuzdar and was abducted one n half month ago

Monday, February 14,

Baloch activist whose disappearance case was filed with UN killed in captivity
Baloch activist whose disappearance case was filed
with UN killed in captivity
February 11th, 2011


 پاکستان ءُ ایرانءِ زوراکیں ھاکماں پاد مال کتگءُ چہ مارا برتگ. من  گلزمینءَ کولیگاں

    من یک بلوچیاں، بلوچستان منی ماتیں گلزمینِ انت۔ منی ماتیں گلزمین

پہ وتی ماتیں


 بلوچ سرمچارءِ " پیغام " پا کراچیءِ بلوچان  


بلوچ سرمچارءِ کلوہ " پیغام "  

بلوچ قائد حیربیارمری

شھید شفی جان بلوچ یکے چا بی ایس اوءِ جھدکارین 
باسکان اَت کہ پاکستانءِ ایجنسی ھانی دستا گرگ ءُ وڑ
 وڑین تشدٌد ءَ چا رند 20 
دسمبر 1975ءَ مستونگءَ فوجی ھیلی
 کپٹر ءِ سرا چا زمینءَ دور دیگ و شھید کنگ بوت ۔



 شھید شفی جان بلوچءِ زندءِ باروا
نبیسوک: کامریڈ فقیر 












    حال و












New Kahan: Faiz Mohammad Marri laid to rest with National Pride
Occupied Balochistan: Shaheed Faiz Mohammad Marri has been laid to rest in New Kahan graveyard with National pride and in presence of hundreds of youth and





اكتشاف 5 معدن طلا و مس در سيستان و بلوچستان‏




Radio Balochistan 03,03,11 News

PART 1      PART 2





Pakistan FC involved in abductions of political activists in Balochistan, SC told
ISLAMABAD: The government should take practical steps instead of issuing policy statements regarding targeted

State sponsered death squad accept responsibility for killing Human Rights Activ...

Occupied Balochistan: The banned "Baloch" Mussallah Diffah Army (BMDA) claimed responsibility for the killing of human rights activist Naeem Sabir Baloch in Khuzdar. The group, sponsored by






Hairbyar pours scorn over International Community and Human Rights
Organisations silence over Genocide

By  Adeenag Baloch Wednesday, March 2, 2011





وش ٹی ویءُ

 بلوچءِ دودءِ روچ

Wednesday, March 02, 2011



اوڑمارہ کے عوام نے وش ٹی وی کے پروگرام کو نظرانداز کیا

Human Rights activist shot dead in Khuzdar, as some Baloch parties brace for cul...
Occupied Balochistan: A human rights activist and coordinator of Human Rights Commission of Pakistan

Wednesday, March 02, 2011



Sindh: BSO-Azad Protest against in-custody killings of Baloch activists

Hyderabad: BSO-Azad Hyderabad Zone observed a protest demonstration at Tando Allah Yar Press Club against the cold-blooded murder of BNM senior member





Radio Balochistan 27,02,11 News

PART 1      PART 2

محمد اقبال بلوچ کجا شت؟

بلوچ 14 مارچ 2007 ءِ
دستگِرءُ بیگواه کنگ بوتگ
زاھد بلوچ، جاسم بلوچ و نوازبلوچ


Bombardment in Marri area, three including a woman and a child killed  2011/2/25
Occupied Balochistan: The BLA has informed BBC Urdu and other media sources that Pakistan Air Force has

International Humanitarian Organisations are ignoring Baloch Genocide by Pakista... 2011/2/26

Occupied Balochistan: Baloch leader Hyrbyair Marri commenting on the latest statement of Amnesty






Radio Balochistan 24,02,11 News

PART 1      PART 2





Amnesty International Report on Balochistan

23 February 2011


Two bodies of Baloch political workers found in Ormara, two Marri Baloch abducte...
Occupied Balochistan: Two more mutilated bodies of Baloch political workers


پاکستانی ریاست کا بلوچستان پیکج  تحفہ
ساحل بلوچ اوڑمارہ 

Thursday, February 24, 2011



مروچی چا جالڑیءَ دیم پا کوئٹہ آئیوکین دو بلوچ سبّی مچھ چیک پوسٹءَ پاکستانی
چیرین ادارہ ھانی کارندہ ھان بیگواہ کت انت۔ اے بلوچانی نام صورت خان مری 
چک بھار خانءُ روات خان چک علم خان اِنت، اے دوئین بلوچ گون وتی زھگان
 دیم پا کوئٹہءَعلاجءَ آیگءَ بوتگان۔ چکءُ  جنینان پا مزن دلسیاھیءِ وتا کوئٹہ سر
 کت، چکءُ  جنینانی حال کت کہ 6 پاکستانی چیرین ادارہ واکان نقاب پوش
 بوتگ انت کرولا گاڑی سرا اے مردومان بیگواہ کت انت
گزو بلوچ شال

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Mehboob Wadela
BNM member Mehbood Wadela was abducted by p...akistani inteligence agencies from Balochistan bus terminal Yousuf got karachi on April ..

Abdul Rehman Arif Baloch
Brp's Guwadr zone member Abdul Ar...
if Rehman Baloch was abducted by facist napak army from karachi when he He had taken one of his relatives to hospital in Ranchor Lane Karachi for


Gwader Bomb Blast kills More the 2 Pakistani Military Men
Occupied Balochistan: Gwader city,  2/ 02/ 2011: Baloch English Media reported that
more than 2 FC personnel have been killed
Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Radio Balochistan 20,02,11 News

PART 1      PART 2

مـاتی زبانانــی ميـاں استمانـی روچ ءُ شهــديـں بلوچــی زبـان ءِ ايردستــی

محمــد کريــم بلــوچ


Monday, February 21, 2011




ماتی زبان گوانک رپورٹ

February 21, 2009

بلوچ وائس آف میسنگ پرسنءَ وتی احتجاجی  کیمپ چا
کراچیءَ جست کتءُ دیم پا سندهءَ روگءِ جار جت

Sunday, February 20, 2011


گواستگین سالءَ ماتی زبانءِ روچءَ  واجہ عبدالواحد بزدارءِ تران  

بلوچی مئے وتی ماتی زبان انت

فوٹو: ھندوستانی شاعر گلزار

Sunday, February 20, 2011


Father From Panjgur Seeks Missing Son’s Release

Occupied Balochistan: Abdul Haleem, a resident of Panjgur district, disclosed in a press

ترفنـد جنـون آميـز فاشيستهـای فارس و دلايــل آن

محمــد کريــم بلــوچ

2011 Saturday 19 February


2011 Saturday 19 February

اولین تصاویر از تظاهرات ضد حکومتی در سوریه

شام کے دارالحکومت دمشق سے حکومت کے خلاف مظاھروں کی  پہلی فلم

جمعـء 18 فروری 2011



خبرگزاری فرانسه: شش تن دیگر در ایران اعدام شدند

جمهوری اسلامی اتهام اعدام شدگان را قاچاق مواد مخدر عنوان کرده است

2011 Saturday 19 February


Pakistani military looted and burnt houses in Marri region, many innocent people...
Occupied Balochistan: Search operation initiated in Kohistan Marri and the surrounding areas, the area was siege


بلوچستان:’جھڑپ میں دو افراد ہلاک

جمعـء 18 فروری 2011




‫ بعد از تونس و مصر نوبت ایران است



Baloch struggle not for titles, perks, privileges of few: A.F.B.

Ahmar Mustikhan  2011 Friday 18 February




Radio Balochistan 17,02,11 News


نام : بابا بوھیر
: فقیر محمد بلوچ
ودی بوگء جا ۔
شغل: دکاندار

45 :عمر

بیگواہ : 15فروری 2011
بیگوائی جاء
: ڈوسی پسنی

جرم : بلوچ




Wed, 16 Feb 11 BBC London



لاپتہ افراد کےاہل خانہ ذہنی اذیت کا شکار

Wed, 16 Feb 11 BBC London



United Kingdom protest against Pakistan and Iran atrocities against Baloch people






Tuesday, February 15, 2011

ایران میں حکومت کے خلاف مظاھرے

Monday, February 14,



Radio Balochistan 13,02,11 News

Monday, February 14,






Please help in signing this Petition:

Stop Extrajudicial Killings and Enforced Disappearances in Balochistan

Three more bullet riddled bodies found in Balochistan as Pakistan its continues

Occupied Balochstan: Three bullet-riddled Baloch activists have been found in different locations of Balochistan between Sunday night and Monday morning.


  بلوچ تحریک آزادی کے خلاف پاکستانی اور ایرانی خفیہ اداروں کی
 ایماہ پر مذھبی گروپوں کا کوئٹہ میں نشت۔

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sunday, February 13, 2011


Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sunday, February 13, 2011


Reminder: "Save Balochistan Campaign" Protest To Be Held In London 2011/2/12
London: We invite all Baluch, friends of Baloch and Human Rights Campaigners to join us to raise the voice of the Baluch victims and to .


سپاہ شھدائے کے ترجمان پاشا شجاع عرف عبداللہ کا بیان

Saturday, February 12, 2011







Saturday, February 12, 2011



رژیم درصدد اعدام چهار جوان دیگر بلوچ

شنبه، 23 بهمن ماه 1389 برابر با 2011 Saturday 12 February


 گون پھلی رادیوء روچان و فرکانس بدل بوتگ انت

گون پھلی رادیوء روچان و فرکانس بدل بوتگ انت
رادیو بلوچستان چہ مروچي پنچشنبہء روچا 10،02،2011 ء وتی کارا بنگیج کت ۔
اے رادیو ھپتگے دو روچا، پنچشنبہ و یکشنبہ ان، روچے یک ساعتے زندگ شنگ بیت و ھما روچا بزان 24 ساعتء تھا چار گشتا رکارڈ کتگين شنگ بنت ۔...



ایران میں گرفتاریاں

بی بی سی  ویب سائٹس

 جمعـء 11 فروری 2011


بلوچ تحریک آزادی میں علی احمد مری بھی شھید
علی احمد بلوچ



Se hela bilden
Punjab Has to Withdraw Its Forces From Balochistan, BLA, BRA, BLF
Occupied Balochistan: 11/2/2011




بی ایس او آزادءِ بنجاھی کمیٹیءِ  باسک
کامریڈ قیوم بلوچ  گوادرءَ چا وتی گسا پاکستانی چیرین ادارہ ءُ ایف سیءِ واکانی دستءَ بیگواہ کنگءِ 

Saturday, December 11, 2010



Another Central Committee member Qayum  Baloch among with Jameel Baloch Murdered.

Thursday, February 10, 2011




Wednesday, February 09, 2011


Wednesday, February 09, 2011


بلوچ نیشنل موومنٹ کے ترجمان


غارت منابع و معادن بلوچستانِ اشغالـی نقض قوانين جهانی و برخلاف موازين بين المللی است

محمــد کريــم بلــوچ


اوڑمارہ میں فوجی بھرتی کے بینر کو نامعلوم افراد نے آگ لگا دی

 Occupied Balochistan Coast Area اوڑمارہWednesday, February 09, 

بلوچ مئے برات انت، بلوچءُ افغانانی سیادی مروچگینءِ نہ انت، من بس وتی انسانی فرضے
 ادا کتگ و اے گپا ھر کس زانت کہ بلوچ وتی انسانی حق ءُ وتی آزاتیءِ جھد کنگ انت ءُ ضرور 
کامیاب بنت پا زور ھچ قومے دارگ نبیت. 
نواب مهمند: دهلی هندوستان 

Wednesday, February 09, 2011 Dehli India


Kohlu: disappeared Mitta Khan Marri’s body found, son and father abducted from..2011/2/8
Occupied Balochistan: Pakistani security forces continue their kill and dump policy in Balochistan. Body of a 16 year old, disappeared, Marri Baloch has been recovered from







کیا رحمان ملک کا بلوچیوں کو مارنے والا ڈنڈا ٹوٹ گیا؟

Tuesday, February 08, 2011


بلوچستان میں اب ڈنڈا چلے گا


Tuesday, February 08, 2011




Tuesday, February 08, 2011




Tuesday, February 08, 2011




Tuesday, February 08, 2011


Qambar Chakar: A Man and a Myth
By: Baloch Students Action Committee, BUITEMS
The Baloch Hal Exclusive
Birth of a Leade


چاکرکمبرجان شما مدام

.مئے دلان زندگ ایت


چاکر کمبر شال آئی ٹی یونیورسٹیءِ احتجاجی
 سروکیءَ گورنرھاؤسءِ دیما گون گورنر
مگسیءَ  کوٹه سیٹمءِ بحالیءِ لوٹ کنگءَ انت
July, 2008 QUETTA


Save Balochistan Campaign: Protest To Be Held In London 2011/2/6
London: We invite all Baluch, friends of Baloch and Human Rights Campaigners to join us to raise the voice of the






Monday, February 07, 2011



Radio Balochistan to be launched
London: Radio Balochistan will start its first broadcasting from Thursday 10/02/2011 in Balochi language all
Relatives of Baloch disappeared person rejected the statement of chief justice BHC 2011/2/6
Occupied Balochistan: Relatives of enforced disappeared and forced displaced people during dictator Musharraf’s


پیغامے چا ڈیرہ بگٹیءَ 

Saturday, February 05, 2011




Friday, February 04, 2011

  حامد بلوچ ، لال خان ، میر احمد سمالانی اور دیگرشہداءکو سلام پیش کرتےہیں

بلوچ نیشنل موومنٹ

Thursday, February 03, 2011





پنجشنبه، 14 بهمن ماه 1389 برابر با 2011-02-03


کشته شدن یک جوان بلوچ به نام امان اربابی فرزند جان محمد توسط نیروهای

 سپاه رژیم در دوراهی پارود - سرباز بلوچستان


Country has 1,339 tonnes of gold reserves, Senate told
Pakistan Petroleum Minister Naveed Qamar

Wednesday, February 02, 2011


پنجگور۔ ایف سیءِ واکان دوشنبہءِ شپءَ ساعتءِ سہءَ یک بلوچ طالبعلم داؤد چک
دادرحمانءِ گسءَ خدابادانءَ یورش کرتگ آئیءِ پت، مات ءُ گھار جتگ بی احترامی 
کتگ انت. داؤد بلوچ یک کسان سالین طالبعلم ایت ءُ بی ایس او آزادءِ باسک ایت

Wednesday, February 02, 2011


براھمدغ بگٹیءَ قتل کنگءِ پاکستانی چیرین

 ادارہ ھانی پندل

Tehran sidesteps Islamabad, which then plays ball







Afghan Journalist offered 0.8 million dollars (Rs.3.60 crores) to kill Baloch le...



مساحــــت بلوچستـــــــان

محمـد کريم بلـوچ 
فروری ۲۰۱۱



Bullet-riddled bodies of two disappeared Baloch found including a famous Balochi...
Occupied Balochistan: A bullet-riddled body of famous Balochi [Brahvi] folk singer Ali Jan Issazai was found in Kanak area of Khuzdar district, some 300-kilometer in southeast of Balochistan’s capital, on Monday.


بلوچ قبائلی سماج ہے اسی وجہ سے آزاد نہیں ہوسکتا ؟۔۔

BNM / Tuesday, February 01, 2011



بلوچستان کی ہر شاہراہ پر جا بجا چیک پوسٹوں کے جال بچھاکر بلوچ قوم کی چیکنگ کے نام پر

 جو تذلیل کی جارہی ہے

Tuesday, February 01, 2011


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